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Delicious. Safe to eat. Fun!


Everyone knows the best part of making cookies is sneaking a pinch of the dough. Oh, let's be real...if we could eat all the dough, life would be sweeter!

Well, we here at Go-Go Dough decided enough was enough; no more depriving the world from what they really want;


Our edible cookie dough on a stick  fulfills your childhood cravings. And since one pinch can turn into ten, we packaged our dough in a perfect snack size bar! So, go ahead...you know you want to!

Audrey McGinnis.

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip

Classic flavors

Classic Flavors are sure to bring out the kid in all of us. Try Chocolate Chip, PB&J, Salted Caramel, S'mores or Confetti Cake today!

Make Mine an Old Fashion

Make Mine an Old Fashion

Grown up flavors

Indulge your grown-up tastes with our Old Fashion - made with maple bourbon syrup, orange zest and bitters.  Or maybe you're the classic Italian Tiramisu type. We're not here to judge, add a few in the cart for yourself!  

Customize your Go-Go Dough!

Customize your Go-Go Dough!

Custom flavors

Take our delicious treats and make them your own.  Add sprinkles, nuts, and more; it's easy!  

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Edible cookie dough ingredients

What makes edible cookie dough safe to eat?

Our mom's have been warning us for years about the dangers of eating dough with raw eggs!  But did you now that consumption of raw flour holds its own dangers as well?  Well we did, so...

Cookie dough connoisseurs rejoice!

While the safety concerns about raw cookie dough are a bummer, they're nothing Go-Go Dough hasn't already overcome.  Of course, our bars are egg-free, but as a bonus, they also contain heat treated flour. This process kills bacteria in raw flour, making them safe to eat!

Safety, portability and superior taste are what makes Go-Go Dough THE edible cookie dough on a stick!

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